A concert to launch the Barn Believers Community Project Fund was held September 16 at the Barn Theatre

Concert Shots

What People are Saying about “Worth Saving” – a concert in honor of American Barns, the Barn Believers Community Project Fund and the team who put it all together.

  • I am not a C & W fan but they were just fantastic…they did as well as any groups I have heard, if not better. Each of the musicians was so talented in their own right, we were so impressed! Cathy P.

  • Enjoyed the event! Band was great. G & R

  • I'm very glad we could partner with Barn Believers! I was also impressed with the BC Shopper article. B. R. WIN 98.5

  • I was at the concert & it was wonderful. The band was great! J.S. WBCK 95.3

  • Glad your initial project exceeded your expectations!

  • Hopefully you will be able to catch up on some sleep now that the very successful event is over. I thought it was an energetic, receptive crowd. So glad your goal for the fund was reached. Good choice of emcee with Brett Myers. C. H.

  • I want to thank you for all your work to put last night together you did a fantastic job. W.S.

  • On our way home last night, we listened to the Richard Lynch C, Mending Fences. They have really great music and we can see how they have been nominated for 7 music awards. S.M.

  • THANK YOU for creating an incredibly outstanding program at the Barn last night! This was a high-light of the year for everyone who attended and I know a super lift-off for your Barn Initiative.

  • What can I say but FANTASTIC to a job WELL DONE! J.T.

Help build the Barn Believers Fund

Visit http://www.bccfoundation.org/giving/Barn-Believers to donate online.