Barn Believers Project Fund

A concert to launch the Barn Believers Community Project Fund was held
September 16 at the Barn Theatre

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The Barn Believers Community Project Fund informs, inspires, and connects people with traditional barns to encourage their continuing use in agriculture, community, and the economy.

The Fund has been created to give all who love traditional barns, a way to make a difference in saving more of them. It was created because so many of us say time and again, “I love barns. I wish…” followed by words like “…there was a way to save them.” or, “…I could do something” or “…more people understood how important and wonderful they are.” This is our chance to transform wishes into reality.

Here are a few of the many wonderful things the Barn Believers Fund will do:

Develop thorough, accurate information on which people who own or have the power to influence the future of a barn, can make sound decisions.

  • Thrill children with visits to real barns to learn their stories and be awed by them;
  • Bring barn history and wide-ranging education into classrooms;
  • Support feasibility studies to determine whether a threatened barn might be given new life in a nonprofit use or setting;
  • Teach techniques for repairing and maintaining barns and giving them new uses;
  • Help historical societies preserve collections related to farm and barn history;
  • Help citizen groups formed to save a barn pursue and achieve their important mission; and
  • More that has yet to be discovered!

Make a positive difference. Become a Barn Believer. Thank you, on behalf of the beautiful barns that helped build this nation and deserve to live and be enjoyed for generations to come.

With our thanks

Barn Believers

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