Deaths in the Family

Barn Believers Community Project Fund mourns the loss of two respected friends.

Russ MawbyAugusta

Russ Mawby AugustaRuss Mawby Agusta left us October 20 at the age of 89. Russ had a long and distinguished career with Cooperative Extension, agricultural leadership, and philanthropy and was a certified barn lover/saver. He could, and did interact with heads of state, presidents, and dignitaries from around the world but could just as easily visit friend to friend, while leaning on a pasture fence. He cared about people and about making a positive difference in life. He valued decency. Russ’ knowledge and insight were valuable to me over the nearly 40 years I had the pleasure of knowing him. “I am only one…but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something”…these were words from one of Russ’ favorite poems. Words to live by.

Barn Believers shares that philosophy of life.

The poem concludes, “I cannot do everything but I can do something and that which I can do, by the grace of God I will do.” Thank you Russ for your wise counsel. We will do what we can and do it with integrity.

Bill Simmons

Bill SimonsBarn Believers Community Project Fund founders also mourn the death of our friend, Bill Simmons, Lapeer who died December 16th at the age of 65. I knew Bill as a friend and fellow member of the Albion College choir from 1971-1975. When Bill learned of Barn Believers and its mission, he generously stepped forward to offer his support and made the long drive to Augusta to attend the country music event launching the Fund. His kind words of encouragement and friendship came at an especially important time. Bill loved trains. His daughter, Jennifer, on informing me of his passing, said that at the time of his death, a train whistle could be heard. Bill had boarded the glory train. Thank you Bill, for your friendship and kindness.

Jan Corey Arnett