Barn Believers Community Project Fund

The Barn Believers Community Project Fund informs, inspires, and connects people with traditional barns to encourage their continuing use in agriculture, community, and the economy.

The Fund has been created to give all who love traditional barns, a way to make a difference in saving more of them. It was created because so many of us say time and again, “I love barns. I wish…” followed by words like “…there was a way to save them.” or, “…I could do something” or “…more people understood how important and wonderful they are.” This is our chance to transform wishes into reality.

Here are a few of the many wonderful things the Barn Believers Fund will do:

Develop thorough, accurate information on which people who own or have the power to influence the future of a barn, can make sound decisions.

  • The Barn Believers Fund is a financial resource with a designated purpose. It is not a new barn organization with programs it offers or operates. It does not have members or dues.
  • Resources of the Barn Believers Fund may be awarded to 501c3 organizations for barn-focused purposes.
  • The Barn Believers Fund is held with a professionally-staffed foundation which works closely with all aspects of its management.
  • Decisions about the use of the Barn Believers Fund are made by a small advisory board. These individuals bring a variety of skills and viewpoints to the process.
  • Fund resources may not be used to make repairs to privately-owned barns.

Next Steps for Barn Believers

While all of us who played a role in the launch of Barn Believers Community Project Fund are very happy with the success of the event to launch the Fund, we know that we cannot be complacent. Not for a moment. Time is of the essence for America’s heritage barns and too many continue to fall due to misinformation and poor communication among the very people who could make a difference in saving them.

We have met and exceeded our initial goals for the launch event and for building a base in the Fund itself allowing us to make grants as early as 2018. But that is only a beginning and only a base. We have to keep growing the Fund and in so doing we must keep in touch with the people who believe in us. Thank you to all who have helped already! Our next steps are to carry out a ‘debriefing’ on these early activities. Then, the founding board will dig in to do the detailed work of defining grantmaking guidelines and expectations for reporting outcomes and assessing lessons learned.

The founding board is comprised of Lee Peck, who, with his late wife, Naomi, transformed a battered barn into a home of extraordinary welcome, along with A.J. Jones, who with his wife Kay, moved a barn destined for demolition to their wooded property where it is now a sought-out gathering place, and myself, Jan Corey Arnett, author of the book, American Barns, and long-time barn devotee. More individuals will be invited to join the board in coming weeks and months. We are especially seeking people who are using traditional barns in working farm settings and young people who care about these irreplaceable structures.

We are convinced that knowledge is power and accurate knowledge in the hands of barn owners or people who influence the life or death of a barn or barns can help better decisions be made.

Barn Believers has quickly moved from its infancy in late spring 2017 to now, as autumn unfolds, taking its first confident steps in preparation for the marathon. We cannot save barns alone. We need allies and advocates. Become a Barn Believer.

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September 17, 2017